9.10.2009. Petak

1. Treeboy is into structuralism lately.
(Doesn't this sweater go well with his eyes?)
2. Ana: "Da bi shvatio da je netko lukav kao lisica, i sam moraš biti lukav kao lisica, zar ne?"
3. The hallway was long and filled with people but she stood out, I noticed her immediately. Was it the pale skin or her red hair or maybe just the way she was always somehow different? Me, I had puppy eyes and was still very much a puppy all in all, wearing so timidly my 18 years of age. Time passed by and worlds have changed but it rings in my mind so clear today what she said to me, there, in the hallway, in silent tongue. "Audaces fortuna iuvat". That is still the best piece of advice anyone ever gave me.
4. Danas sam se prvi puta ulovila da pričam s tobom, nakon dugo vremena. "LYT", sjećaš se toga?
5. "Love yourself today."
Tomorrow is just a promise, anyway.

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