2.8.2011. Tuesday

1. All of the important battles I won in my life,
2. I won unexpectedly by surrendering to whatever there was I was fighting against.
3. Man, idea, feeling or myself.
4. Though sweet, surrender this time does not feel as such.
5. But it must be the morning of leaving the battlefields.

13.7.2011 Wednesday

1. Today it finally occured: there is no careful wanting,
2. no wishing with a backup plan.
3. If a want is present,
4. there is nothing else then but to want.
5. And not to worry too much.

10.7.2011. Sunday


1. Thank you for asking, kindest ones,
2. I am still here,
3. though sometimes not quite,
4. spending time figuring out which one of the numerous voices I have
5. is actually my own.

1.4.2011. Friday

1. Spring is the best season for weekends!
2. And this is going to be an exciting one.
3. Colors are around, look at them, lick them and absorb them to the fullest!
4. Have a good weekend,
5. and don't forget to water your plants!

23.2.2011. Wednesday

1. Gregor's kitty is very kind and cuddly to Mr. Wolf
2. because Gregor won the award for the best film in Student film competition
on this year's Festival of Croatian Animated Film.
3. :)
4. :)
5. :) and then some.

18.2.2011. Friday

1. Second Festival of Croatian Animated Film will take place
this weekend in Kino Europa, Zagreb.
2. So, if you are around, come and enjoy two days and more than 50 films!
3. My Gregor and Fox will be there too, which makes me very happy.
4. What makes me even more happy is the whole visual identity,
one of my favorite commissions so far!
5. It was a collaboration of wonderful and multitalented Martina Lukanović and me.
See you on FHAF 2!

5.2.2011 Saturday

1. My faith in people is a rollercoaster
2. that takes me up up up and then
3. oh so low
4. yet it is the ride I do not want to come down off.
5. My english is not proprer often but I do have a drawing of a guy with golden mustache.

1.2.2011 Tuesday

1. So, it's around 112 in 3 weeks.
2. But wolves have never been so exciting.
3. And excited!
4. Last year was clearly marked by the fox
5. this one seems like it might be one of the wolf.

13.1.2011 Wednesday

1. All songs have to finish, even the one you like the most.
2. I have drawn 49 wolves in the last two days.
3. But will draw some more.
4. Working with someone over Skype is actually possible.
5. Everything is better with a touch of basil.

7.1.2010. Friday

1. Everybody, meet the Banddeers!
2. They do forest rock.
3. I do drawing and complaining and a lot of cooking lately.
4. Also, I've been featured in online magazine Dot that spot!
5. Take a look HERE