28.11.2009. Subota

1. The fox crossed my mind.
2. "I am exactly as much dangerous as you want me to be." she says.
3. ( "In order to solve my problem, I have to solve my problem.")
4. "I refuse to appear more dangerous than I really am just for you to like me." I say to you. And with this, I refuse the predictable.
5. But come, come eat out of my hand. Dare to.

24.11.2009 Utorak

1. Thinking is the greatest thing a human can do.
2. But thinking becomes the worst thing a human can do if it gets in the way of doing.
3. And doing is the second greatest thing a human can do.
4. Perhaps life is the origin of death.
5. Or is it vice versa?

12.11.2009. Četvrtak

1. The period between my last birthday and today has been exciting and unpredictable. Full of friends (re)found and guitar-picks lost,
2. full of unexpected turns of events, full of questions, as always, but with some answers,too.
3. There are no years to count anymore, for now I know there are no years at all. And
4. I have never liked being here and now as much as I like being right here and right now.
5. Thanks for this delicious cake, Skicoslav! Thank you everybody.