7.12.2010. Tuesday

1. This is one of the illustrations I did for my nephew who will be born in 10 days!
2. I am soooo excited about him!
3. Looking forward to Christmas,
4. and more snow,
5. and having a break from being a grown-up, for a couple of days at my parent's place...

8.11.2010. Monday

1. I don't know.
2. But it doesn't matter.
3. We have foxes, wolves
4. and chickens all around.
5. Tjulenj, too.

18.10.2010. Monday

1. My second hand-drawn animated film is finally finished.
2. It is about the fox,
3. of course.
4. You can see it here:
5. Lisica

10.10.2010. Nedjelja

1. On the island of Rab
2. I met a beautiful fox.
3. With tender hands
4. and a gentle mind
5. she held me close.

21.9.2010. Utorak

1. Fox is hanging over my head.
2. No use fighting now.
3. No time to give up either.
4. Best way out is always through.
5. Through we go then.

15.9.2010. Srijeda

1. I was on Fantoche in Baden last week and it was great!
2. Switzerland is expensive yet beautiful as morning.
3. It is important not to lose track of what came first.
4. The most naive get drunk first.
5. I know that it will be because I know it already is.

29.8.2010. Nedjelja

1. As the matter of fact, we were never completely sure if he was waving at someone or just watching his own hand.
2. Last two days I was moving apartments.
3. I own too much stuff.
4. Still, I could use a new lamp.
5. This summer keeps on surprising me.

24.8.2010. Tuesday

1. Why does everything I draw eventually turns to be figurative?
2. Why do we always give the greatest resistance to just pure calmness?
3. Why do I so often forget that I actually have all the time in the world?
4. Trees are quiet in the daytime and in the nighttime.
5. But in the nighttime they are sleeping.

21.8.2010. Subota

1. Fox has a friend.
2. A wolf.
3. They have been spotted lurking around just before the night falls.
4. Swell.
5. I was recently featured on Beautiful Decay magazine and was very happy about it.
Take a peek...beautifuldecay.com
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27.7.2010. Utorak

1. "All movements go too far." Bertrand Russell
2. "Zajebano je družit se s ljudima." Marko Z.
3. "Dok je god Sada, ja sam Sada." Mario K.
4. "Budući da je medij ono što jest, a poruka ono što se čini, za naslutiti je da privid ima nekakve veze sa cjelinom." Marcel Bačić
5. "E, Petra, zaš se ja nikad ne svidjam nekim sweet ljudima, nego uglavnom heteroseksualnim parovima ili transrodnim ženama?" Tanja M.
Pa ti odgovori na ovo.

15.7.2010. Četvrtak

1. Krešo says life is a game of chess.
2. I hate when I become hostile.
3. My arm is now free of cast and ready to work again.
4. I have learned so much during this broken-arm period. You can never really tell what was bad or good for you since often the consequences of things perceived as "bad" can be of tremendous importance. Sounds funny, but breaking my arm was one of the most important events that ever happened to me.
5. Today I will see the sea! huhu!

9.7.2010. Petak

1. I haven't been posting lately because I have been working on exhibition/workshop with my colleagues.
2. The theme was "Identities" and it was swell!
3. http://www.ident-sc.com/
4. If you are around, come to the closing party (+ 3 new performances!) tomorrow (Saturday) at Galery SC, Savska 25, 20h!
5. Ciju!

16.6.2010 Srijeda

1. So, here it is.
2. My first hand-drawn animated film.
3. Everybody, meet Gregor.
4. Gregor, this is everybody.
5. http://vimeo.com/12592488

13.6.2010. Nedjelja

1. Yesterday I learned that fish can smell under the water.
2. Discovered T.P.Marović. I highly recommend.
3. "maslina ne želi i ne žali."
4. Piglet went to the seaside.
5. Good for Piglet.

23.5.2010 Nedjelja

1. So here she is, first fox made by left hand.
2. Is this what she wanted when she caused the accident?
3. Since she comes from the right side of the brain, she had to make me use my left hand to draw and stop rationalizing as much as I did. Hence the accident.
4. Sounds like a conspiracy theory?
5. Hm...or like I've gone berserk.

20.5.2010 Četvrtak

1. Left hand is a bit angry. She has to do all the drawing and typing and †eeth brushing...
2. But she has been a real sport, I must admit.
3. I thought that I didn't have enough time before this happened,
4. but now it is so clear that you always have just as much time as you need.
5. It is quite unbelievable how much things in your head rearrange when you realize you cannot open a bottle of water by yourself.

17.5.2009 Monday

1. Left hand drew a king.
2. It's the king of the bees.
3. When he comes home
4. the bees say:
5. "Honey, he's home!"

16.5.2010. Nedjelja

1. Left hand made a beast turqoise.
2. Spring made some showers.
3. Which are not willing to stop.
4. You are better off here than anywhere else.
5. Even though there are no dogs around.

14. 5 2010 Petak

1. So, I fell off my new bike.
2. Broke my right arm.
3. Some bone in the wrist, some bone in the elbow and some bone in the thumb.
4. Hard to believe, but this situation is not all bad.
5. This is first of the new set of drawings made by my left hand!

5.5.2010. Srijeda

1. This is my new beautiful bike Florijan!
2. He was kindly donated by Dana B. and mended by bike doctors of Zelena akcija. Spring can officially start!
3. Yuri Norstein said that animated film is as real as a dream.
4. Animation is among top 5 of human inventions.
5. Bicycles are, naturally, in the first place.

2.5.2010. Nedjelja

1. Friday nights in Booksa : "Škrabica"- music and words for fine people. Drop by sometimes!
2. Dušan Vukotić was a genius.
3. And watching his films last night I realized how much animation is in love with poetry.
4. Spring green is the best green there is.
5. And right now - it is the only color to jump into.

11.4.2010. Nedjelja

1. Beauty around and inside.
2. Still we prefer suffering.
3. Does it matter?
4. Trying to learn to say
5. Well, whatever.

25.3.2010. Četvrtak

1. Yesterday Dalija reminded me that there are 4 kinds of people;
2. those who don't know and don't know they don't know,
3. those who don't know and know they don't know,
4. those who know and know they know and
5. those who know and don't know they know.

21.3.2010. Nedjelja

1. And yet another one.
2. Spring has come.
3. Finally.
4. Deadlines too.
5. And bills to pay.

4.3.2010 Četvrtak

1. Deadline is breathing down my neck, no time to write.
2. Or draw anything else except a funny little man who thinks too much
and his orange cat.
3. I dreamed of wolves
4. and of a storm approaching.
5. I will take it as a good sign.

19.2.2010. Petak HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

1. Today is 5 things a day's first birthday!
2. I can't even believe we've made it this far.
3. SixOne fox came to celebrate but I forgot to make the cake.
4. But I made an accidental rhyme :)
5. Thank you all for your visits and your online and offline comments, they are much appreciated. Hugs!

9.2.2010. Utorak

1. Tiger does not manage to catch his meal because he is strong or fast, he does it because he is hungry.
2. Tiger trusts the jungle.
3. I am still learning.
4. Carrot is good for the eyes, love is good for the heart.
5. Lemons, on the other hand, are good in general.

1.2.2010. Ponedjeljak

1. You can try to keep the demons away by singing out loud.
2. But they have been messing with me in my sleep, I woke up drugged.
3. "Lets not try to figure out everything at once / It’s hard to keep track of you falling through the sky /we're half-awake in a fake empire" The National
4. "The difference between so-called primitive and so-called civilized nations is that the civilized "believe" whereas the primitives "know". Also, the primitives don't have such thing as a coincidence." I.L.Galeta
5. Gentle pink turned to white, the non-color color.

23.1.2010 Subota

1. This is one of the illustrations I did for latest issue of Zarez, a cultural biweekly. I was very happy about this commission.
2. Today, some more comfort zone outgoings are due. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
3. Once again, thank you Sven :)
4. Why is sometimes easier when it's harder?
5. " V
I do not know which to prefer,
The beauty of inflections
Or the beauty of innuendoes,
The blackbird whistling
Or just after"
Wallace Stevens

10.1.2010 Nedjelja

1. There is something psychedelic in the air these last few days.
2. And lying really becomes me.
2. For most of the time, I only see me. Isn't this really sad?
3. Even when I think I see you, it is usually just me.
4. Is giraffe giraffocentric too?

3.1.2010 Nedjelja

1. This is one rainy winter.
2. And it should snow now that I have found a fireplace! unfair, unfair.
3. Always expect the unexpected (or don't expect the expected... is this the same thing?)
4. Anyhow, "you cannot reason with reason" says Ivan Z.
5. And that is why, in this new year, I wish for us all less of mind and more of heart! Hugs!