29.8.2010. Nedjelja

1. As the matter of fact, we were never completely sure if he was waving at someone or just watching his own hand.
2. Last two days I was moving apartments.
3. I own too much stuff.
4. Still, I could use a new lamp.
5. This summer keeps on surprising me.

24.8.2010. Tuesday

1. Why does everything I draw eventually turns to be figurative?
2. Why do we always give the greatest resistance to just pure calmness?
3. Why do I so often forget that I actually have all the time in the world?
4. Trees are quiet in the daytime and in the nighttime.
5. But in the nighttime they are sleeping.

21.8.2010. Subota

1. Fox has a friend.
2. A wolf.
3. They have been spotted lurking around just before the night falls.
4. Swell.
5. I was recently featured on Beautiful Decay magazine and was very happy about it.
Take a peek...beautifuldecay.com
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