23.5.2010 Nedjelja

1. So here she is, first fox made by left hand.
2. Is this what she wanted when she caused the accident?
3. Since she comes from the right side of the brain, she had to make me use my left hand to draw and stop rationalizing as much as I did. Hence the accident.
4. Sounds like a conspiracy theory?
5. Hm...or like I've gone berserk.

20.5.2010 Četvrtak

1. Left hand is a bit angry. She has to do all the drawing and typing and †eeth brushing...
2. But she has been a real sport, I must admit.
3. I thought that I didn't have enough time before this happened,
4. but now it is so clear that you always have just as much time as you need.
5. It is quite unbelievable how much things in your head rearrange when you realize you cannot open a bottle of water by yourself.

17.5.2009 Monday

1. Left hand drew a king.
2. It's the king of the bees.
3. When he comes home
4. the bees say:
5. "Honey, he's home!"

16.5.2010. Nedjelja

1. Left hand made a beast turqoise.
2. Spring made some showers.
3. Which are not willing to stop.
4. You are better off here than anywhere else.
5. Even though there are no dogs around.

14. 5 2010 Petak

1. So, I fell off my new bike.
2. Broke my right arm.
3. Some bone in the wrist, some bone in the elbow and some bone in the thumb.
4. Hard to believe, but this situation is not all bad.
5. This is first of the new set of drawings made by my left hand!

5.5.2010. Srijeda

1. This is my new beautiful bike Florijan!
2. He was kindly donated by Dana B. and mended by bike doctors of Zelena akcija. Spring can officially start!
3. Yuri Norstein said that animated film is as real as a dream.
4. Animation is among top 5 of human inventions.
5. Bicycles are, naturally, in the first place.

2.5.2010. Nedjelja

1. Friday nights in Booksa : "Škrabica"- music and words for fine people. Drop by sometimes!
2. Dušan Vukotić was a genius.
3. And watching his films last night I realized how much animation is in love with poetry.
4. Spring green is the best green there is.
5. And right now - it is the only color to jump into.