27.7.2010. Utorak

1. "All movements go too far." Bertrand Russell
2. "Zajebano je družit se s ljudima." Marko Z.
3. "Dok je god Sada, ja sam Sada." Mario K.
4. "Budući da je medij ono što jest, a poruka ono što se čini, za naslutiti je da privid ima nekakve veze sa cjelinom." Marcel Bačić
5. "E, Petra, zaš se ja nikad ne svidjam nekim sweet ljudima, nego uglavnom heteroseksualnim parovima ili transrodnim ženama?" Tanja M.
Pa ti odgovori na ovo.

15.7.2010. Četvrtak

1. Krešo says life is a game of chess.
2. I hate when I become hostile.
3. My arm is now free of cast and ready to work again.
4. I have learned so much during this broken-arm period. You can never really tell what was bad or good for you since often the consequences of things perceived as "bad" can be of tremendous importance. Sounds funny, but breaking my arm was one of the most important events that ever happened to me.
5. Today I will see the sea! huhu!

9.7.2010. Petak

1. I haven't been posting lately because I have been working on exhibition/workshop with my colleagues.
2. The theme was "Identities" and it was swell!
3. http://www.ident-sc.com/
4. If you are around, come to the closing party (+ 3 new performances!) tomorrow (Saturday) at Galery SC, Savska 25, 20h!
5. Ciju!