26.2.2009. Četvrtak

1. "Puno stvari se može riješit Bajaderom." Hrvatski Biznismen
2. If you want to get a "full" black in print, you should mix C:45, M:45, Y:45, K:100.
3. Salaries in Equator are not as bad as one (Croatian) might think.
4. I went to a big printing house today. Paper is one of the greatest inventions, for sure.
5. Cool people don't laugh much. Or pose questions.
But when you think about it, isn't it better to laugh as much you like
and perhaps learn something new by posing questions?
Coolness is overrated, for sure.

25.2.2009. Srijeda

1. "Nothing is ever as good as it was, and
2. what's good for your soul will be bad on your nerves if you reverse it."
3. I am in the lack of iron, it is quite apparent now.
4. I finally own sewing machine! Hello handmade world again!
5. Parrot turned red - out of sheer excitement for the new sewing machine!

23.2.2009. Nedjelja

1. Snow is good, sunshine is good but this some-snow-some-sunshine-mostly-gloomy weather is starting to get on my nerves.
2. It is not easy to wear high heels.
3. Povremeno sam u dosluhu sa svemirom.
4. For the last 3 days I am completely in awe of technology. I cannot wrap my mind around the idea of how the human brain made it all up.
5. And of Internet.

21.2.2009 Subota

1. Niksa and Hrvoje are the kind of people I like, the kind that likes to go on foot.
2. Finished "Things the grandchildren should know" by Mark Oliver Everett. Mr. E really does have some beautiful and inspiring blues.
3. Responsabilty!
4. Ban Jelačić je danas u Muzeju grada Zagreba bio izuzetno simpatičan i znao je pojmove poput "avatar" i "Second life".
5. Sunshine!

19.2.2009. Četvrtak

1. What better place than here, what better time then now.
2. Cico is the one true psychologist I ever met.
3. Imam polusestru, brata i pobratima, ko mi šta može.
4. It is always the same things that upset you, they just come in different forms.
5. Sunshine!