22.12.2009 Utorak

1. For a second she changed colour.
2. And became almost gentle. What happened?
3. No fate, no coincidence, only necessity.
4. "In animation, straight line is boring." Stjepan
5. Velika Gorica je u Turopolju.

17.12.2009. Četvrtak

1. Do not assume, look.
2. So hard to do that.
3. No true change can happen until you stop being angry.
4. So hard to do that.
5. Tomorrow I start to animate my very first animated film.
I'm so excited! And horrified.

16.12.2009. Srijeda

1. What seemed like the pray became the hunter. (how interesting! this "pray" should have been a "prey" but a lapsus keyboardus happend and it is even more interesting now :)
2. That is because the hunter and the pray come from the same matter. (this pray/prey too!)
3. Or is it non-matter?
4. Anyhow, it is never good to be completely sure, I am completely sure.
5. Advice received: "Go see Medveščak hockey team play." Will do.