30.3.2009 Ponedjeljak

1. Dear designers! There is such thing as normal clients! Who say: "Oh, no, you must sleep, go to sleep, it doesn't have to be finished today."and "It is important that you enjoy your work." Nice clients we love you! hooray!
2. I discovered Nicole Atkins. Won't you discover her yourselves, too!
3. "Together we're both alone, but I don't mind."
4. So, I decided - a pop-noir star, if any!
5. Is it spring already?

25.3.2009 Srijeda

1. Making a good habit is almost as difficult as breaking a bad one.
2. I discovered The Mentalist. It's great!
3. Yes, he is cute but the funny Korean guy is even better! hehe
4. hehe.
5. Kaj ne izgleda ova curka kao da je Antina sestra? :)

13.3.2009 Petak

1. Goodbye old office! Goodbye colleagues! Goodbye podloga za rezanje maketa!
2. Intervju was great et j'avais l'air copywrighter, jel se moze to tak rec?
3. M.Chedid a une chanson tres cool: Onde sensuelle.
4. Kad ne znas sto bi, samo se sjeti da postoji NK Celik Zenica. tenks, bro!
5. It seems that everybody needs a producer these days.

10.3.2009 Utorak

1. Happy birthday, dear Ch!
2. According to Tanja, all is possible if you have...a plan! It doesn't matter how irrational or illogical the plan is, it is important that it exists and that you tell it to everybody.
3. Sevilla is the place to go. But Sevilla is so last year :)
4. Berlin?
5. Advice received: while waiting for the job interview, give all the other contestants an evil look.
Also, give impression that you have experience in copywriting.

8. 3. 2009 Nedjelja

1. Petra M., Ivor, Davor and me eating pizza in the middle of šafrani field. It was so tender.
2. It has been a year now. I finally stopped holding my breath. hooray!
3. Whatever one gives unconditionally, it always comes back, in one form or the other, but it does.
4. "Bob Dylan said that, when he was young, he had a secret sense of his own destiny".
5. Started running again!

2.3.2009 Ponedjeljak

1. An evening gown should never reveal lady's ankles according to Valentino, "the last fashion emperor".
2. Spring is coming, there are lots of šafrani in the neighborhood.
3. Jenny Lewis has a new album! Oh joy! :) I am still reviewing it, no statements for now.
4. "Seven pounds" is not a very good movie, it is too pathetic and Will Smith has a constant "I am in pain" grimace.
5. Sanjala sam more, ribe i ribolovca i zapravo, što će ti više?