28.8.2009 Petak

1. Everytime I want to draw the fox, I forget how the fox looks like. This is just how the fox is, she comes when she wants to.
2. When I was drawing the fox, my new "reddish brown" Ecoline ink spilled all over the desk. But the fox stayed almost intact. There is something weird about the fox, but we can't put our finger on exactly what it is. Yet we know the fox cannot be trusted.
3. Nor does the fox want our trust.
4. "Chaque fois quand le futur simple existe, le conditionnel existe aussi." Le petit Grevisse, grammaire française
5. "Jedina moja zemlja, a i pjesnika uopće, jest jezik. Čak je i raskošni arapski simbolično ukazao na to. Naime, arapska riječ beit (al-bayt) znači i stih i kuća, i apsolutno jednako se upotrebljava i za poeziju i za stanište od davnina do danas." Mahmud Derviš

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