30.3.2009 Ponedjeljak

1. Dear designers! There is such thing as normal clients! Who say: "Oh, no, you must sleep, go to sleep, it doesn't have to be finished today."and "It is important that you enjoy your work." Nice clients we love you! hooray!
2. I discovered Nicole Atkins. Won't you discover her yourselves, too!
3. "Together we're both alone, but I don't mind."
4. So, I decided - a pop-noir star, if any!
5. Is it spring already?

3 komentara:

Marko kaže...

Ola! vrlo zanimljivo.. Bas dok sam ti trazio blog sam malo krivo upisao i dobio krivi link.. http://thongsdaily.com/ :D

Tt kaže...

PORILooK! :)

* kaže...

hej Tt! kad ce vise ta svirka! a moze i poriluk sto se mene tice. ipak mozda sushi? ;)